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Liv Sikomas

I AM Committed to Expanding Human Consciousness

I live for the feeling I get when I can see something in a new way, feel something in a new way and conceptualize something complex in a simple way. To seek new perspectives, to challenge the current paradigms and to awaken into a deeper knowing that the ultimate truth cannot be known; this is where my heart lives everyday. When I began teaching yoga, meditation and metaphysics I realized my second love is when I can watch a new perspective light up inside someone else. The only way I can describe those moments is pure magic, time stands still and the air becomes electric. For years I suffered with anxiety, depression and a crippling sense of self-doubt. My work has empowered me to be able to know intuitively when something isn’t right and take action to guide myself into a better state or situation. Everything I do is aimed at achieving a more evolved state of being. Whether it be healing a painful backache, calming that wild untamed mind or letting go of patterns that are holding you back. Our state of consciousness governs our experience of reality so when we can release subconscious patterns and change the shape of our body/mind/spirit system (change the state of our consciousness) we get a glimpse of a deeper truth; our evolution is waiting in plain sight we just need the eyes to see it. I believe this is what Ghandi meant when he said “Be the change”; to not only see what you want to be different and model/act it, but to let go and experience what lies beyond the “known”. You might be the only thing holding you back from what you want and what the world needs.

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