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Our RMT Therapists Team

Maria Huerta, RMT 

After 18 years working as a Professional Engineer in the very lucrative industry of Information Technology, life led Maria to helping people reach physical, mental and emotional well-being.  Throughout her entire life Maria had a natural disposition to heal using her hands, so she took on the responsibility to further educate herself and teach others about health and healing. This triggered the beginning of her studies in Psychology,  Massage Therapy,Reflexology, and Aromatherapy and is now enrolled in Cranio Sacral Therapy.​

Maria has experience working with sport injuries, MVA injuries, TMJ disorder, whiplash, pregnant women, seniors and children.​


Maria has had the opportunity to work with people on a daily basis for more than 15 years and the privilege of assisting in the health and stress management of those she has worked with. As a massage therapist she understands the importance of listening to your body, calming your mind, treating muscular injuries; and teaching you about self care. ​


Her life has been driven by the quest of searching for deeper understanding of human nature. This has led her to walk a spiritual path studying Archetypal Psychology, meditation and yoga.​

Michelle Kuervers, RMT

Michelle has a deep need to care for others and has chosen to do this through the healing practices of massage and reflexology. Her goal is to combine deep relaxation with therapeutic treatment so that the body can initiate its healing process.

Michelle first became interested in whole body healing while practicing a Korean form of energy yoga. As she was drawn to Eastern healing practices, she studied reflexology under a 35-year veteran practitioner, and then trained in both Western and Eastern massage techniques, earning her 2200-hour Massage Therapy diploma from the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Michelle’s approach to fostering optimal health involves taking the time to discern client needs, tailoring treatments to the individual, and providing strategies for home-support. Although Michelle uses a wide array of healing therapies such as Swedish Relaxation Massage, Orthopedic Massage, Myo-fascial Cupping and Acupressure, her favorite rehabilitation therapy is Foot Reflexology.

A long-time resident of Valley Ridge, Michelle enjoys going to the mountains with her family, walking her dog, and spending time in the community garden.

Therapists: My Practice

Susan Olson, RMT

She's really busy helping others - so she hasn't had time to do her homework (aka filling our her bio) - Stay Tuned!

Ivette Sarabia, RMT

Ivette is a diligent massage therapist who has a keen interest in people's well-being. Her interests lie in
elevating and pro-longing people's well-being, spirit and mental health. Working as a massage
therapist for over 15 years, Ivette is well practiced in CranioSacral Therapy, Relaxation Massage,
Deep Tissue Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Biodynamic Massage Therapy and Prenatal Massage,
with a focus on practicing for longevity in each patients health.

Eden Wong, RMT


Moved from a small BC town (Jaffray), to attend massage therapy at MRU. I would add the year of attendance
and graduation, but I tend to lie:).
I absolutely love massage and I hope to continue my practice for many more years to come.

Anthony Waterhouse, RMT

Anthony is passionate about manual therapy and their ability to prevent and treat injuries.
He holds a rehabilitative diploma (SAIT 2014) and a Massage therapy 2200hr Diploma (MRU 2020). He
wanted to incorporate rehabilitation medicine into his practice to help people live a pain free and active
lifestyle. This has been a defining theme in his professional career.
Anthony’s skill set is Assisted stretching, Myofascial cupping, Stone massage (Hydrotherapy), RAPID,
Deep tissue, Therapeutic and Relaxation treatments.
Anthony is a caring and compassionate therapist. He is client centricity at his focus, in your treatment is
tailored to you as an Indvidual.

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