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Jung Jacobs

Jung is a Registered Acupuncturist, a Registered Massage Therapist and also a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Being brought up in South Korea where TCM is engrained into their history and daily lives, This fueled her passion for TCM especially for its ability to help people manage their Health & Pain issues.

Jung believes every patient is unique and provides them with a personalized TCM treatment as a result. This can include other modalities such as cupping, electro-acupuncture, Moxabustion, 3 edged needles and Guasha when needed to enhance their recovery process.

Outside her work, Jung had been volunteering for the past  5 years at the Foothills Hospital to assist patients with Brain Aneurysms - where she has provided care and compassion to help the patients and their families get through challenging times and move forward.

In her spare time, she loves to travel and spend time with her family.

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